About Me

Dayne Batten

How do you caption a photo of yourself?

Hello! My name is Dayne Batten, and I'm a data scientist living in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina.

I try to keep this blog up to date with posts about interesting data and programming challenges I'm tackling. Some are just personal projects, and others are real-world problems from the office. Either way, I hope you can learn something from them.

I'm currently working for Republic Wireless where I've done everything from demand forecasting to customer churn modeling to leveraging GIS data to build better coverage maps. I've even built a machine-learning model for detecting fraudulent orders on our website. I'm super-excited about the value we're creating for customers (in fact, I was a customer before I was an employee), and feel privileged to work at a company that's shaking up the wireless industry.

I've also worked at the NC Department of Commerce, where I built "NC TOWER," a nationally-recognized reporting tool for employment and salary data on North Carolina's college graduates. Working on that project gave me the opportunity to dive into countless gigabytes of workforce and education data, develop customized algorithms for statistical disclosure control, and try out a little bit of JavaScript and PHP.

Outside of work, I'm a happy husband, an active member of my local church, a frequent camper, and an avid racquetball player.

If any of what you read on here piques your interest, be sure to comment! I love hearing questions, suggestions, and ideas from readers!